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    we need to hate the 50 shades of gray movie as loudly and aggressively as possible on the internet

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    every year. 

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    for a person who isn’t exclusively attracted to people of the same gender I sure do say im gay a lot

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    The truly inspiring story of the Chinese rubbish collector who saved and raised THIRTY babies abandoned at the roadside

    A woman has been hailed a hero after details of her astonishing work with abandoned children has emerged.

    Lou Xiaoying, now 88 and suffering from kidney failure, found and raised more than 30 abandoned Chinese babies from the streets of Jinhua, in the eastern Zhejiang province where she managed to make a living by recycling rubbish.

    She and her late husband Li Zin, who died 17 years ago, kept four of the children and passed the others onto friends and family to start new lives.

    Her youngest son Zhang Qilin - now aged just seven - was found in a dustbin by Lou when she was 82.

    ‘Even though I was already getting old I could not simply ignore the baby and leave him to die in the trash. He looked so sweet and so needy. I had to take him home with me,’ she said.

    Full story

    Why doesn’t this have more notes?
    This woman is nothing short of an angel.

    She has so little and gives so much, and organizations such as the government and school systems won’t do anything for this cause.
    I am at loss of words at this lady’s sacrifice.

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    Go Forth and Educate Yourselves!

    I’d also highly recommend watching the Jane Elliot Brown-eye/Blue-eye experiments, which can be found here:

    Not only should you educate yourself but use this for good. Look around you and help others who don’t have this privilege. Hiring, donating, community service, etc.

    After this post went viral, the original artist had to delete their tumblr because they were inundated with death threats.

    There were people more offended by this comic than offended by the existence of racial disparities—to the point where they threatened this artist’s life.

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    I’m putting the usernames in a notebook to give to my family when I finally come out to them. They told me once when I was little that if I ever came out to be gay to not tell anyone because they thought I’d be judged so please reblog so I can show them that people in my generation are different than theirs.

    I’m not coming out until I fill the notebook. So if you want to help?

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    “Starting to root for this guy” as in “They sent me to kill her and I made another call” kind of root for this guy? Did he and Coulson make a deal after the whole whoops-Black-Widow-is-now-an-asset-sorry-Coulson deal where Coulson made Hawkeye promise to tell him when he started rooting for the person he was supposed to shoot in the head? How many times has this been a problem for Hawkeye? Is he, like, known in SHIELD for being the agent who might adopt the target you sent him to kill?

    I firmly believe that this is what happened with him and Natasha. Like, Fury gives Clint the order, the next thing he knows Barton’s dragging Natasha in being like BOSS CAN I PLEASE KEEP HER I PROMISE TO CLEAN UP ANY BODY PARTS SHE LEAVES LYING AROUND PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEASE

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